New Years Resolutions

So another year ends, and I had very little to show for it by way of good images.  I hit a bit of a slump and, although I blamed it mainly on poor light throughout the year, I could have pushed myself to go out and find good images to capture or work on various projects I wanted to try indoors.  The fact of the matter is I’m a very lazy photographer.

This year, in an attempt to push myself and learn more about photography, I have decided to attempt a 365 project.  This is a very popular project, although many people fail at some point.  The idea is to take at least one photograph every day for a year.  Some people might add a theme or a subset of rules, but as this is my first attempt at such a challenge I figured I’d better not apply any restrictions just yet (the photo can even be taken with whatever camera I have to hand, so expect quite a few camera phone images)!  I am unlikely to be able to process and post each image every day, but as long as I capture something different, and keep learning something new as I do it, then I’ll consider the project a success.

Here is my first submission, and based it on the idea of New Years resolutions.  Lets see how many I manage to keep, and for how long

My New Year resolutions:</p><p>1) Exercise<br />2) Take more photos<br />3) Learn Spanish<br />4) Get more sleep

To learn more about what my resolutions are, check out my Flickr page where you can also follow my future 365 project submissions.

Wish me luck!

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