New Arrivals in the Film Family

A couple of weeks ago I added two new bodies to my film camera collection.  The Canon AE-1 Program and the Pentax ME Super!

Canon AE-1 Program:



This camera is in pretty good condition.  It has the infamous canon “squeak” when the mirror flies up, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to sort that out.  I’ll also try and replace the mirror damper and replace the light seals.  All the functions seem to be in order, so I’m looking forward to putting some film through it.  I’ve ordered a new battery which I’m awaiting delivery of – I couldn’t find a 6 volt one other than online), but I think I got a bit of a bargain on this one (£5.99 from Oxfam – body only).

Pentax ME Super:



This one requires a little bit more TLC.  The Focus Screen is very dirty, and looks to be speckled with the remnants of the rotted mirror damper.  I think I’m going to have to attempt cleaning it.  I seen someone suggest luke warm water with a tiny drop of detergent, followed by a few swaps with distilled water.   Let me know if you have attempted this type of thing before, most people’s advice is to leave well alone, but the viewfinder is very dark in it’s current state.

Again, this will need the damper and seals replacing.  There is chipping and rust to the black paint around the back panel (I’ll try and clear off the rust, and leave it as that).  Again it’s fully functional (although the mechanism for changing the ISO setting is a bit hit and miss.  I got this one for £7.99 including lens.

I’m pretty happy with my purchases; a couple of nice early 80’s SLRs.  I think I’ll call these “The Twins.”

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